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A Tramp Through the Bret Harte Country

Thomas Dykes Beasley

Author of "The Coming of Portolá"

With A Foreward by
Charles A. Murdock

Above the pines the moon was slowly drifting,
The river sang below;
The dim Sierras, far beyond, uplifting
Their minarets of snow.
- Dickens in Camp.

Paul Elder and Company
Publishers - San Francisco

Copyright, 1914
Paul Elder & Company

The Chapters



Reminiscences of Bret Harte. "Plain Language From Truthful James." The Glamour of the Old Mining Towns

Inception of the Tramp. Stockton to Angel's Camp. Tuttletown and the "Sage of Jackass Hill"

Tuolumne to Placerville. Charm of Sonora and Fascination of San Andreas and Mokelumne Hill

J. H. Bradley and the Cary House. Ruins of Coloma. James W. Marshall and His Pathetic End

Auburn to Nevada City Via Colfax and Grass Valley. Ben Taylor and His Home

E. W. Maslin and His Recollections of Pioneer Days in Grass Valley. Origin of Our Mining Laws

Grass Valley to Smartsville. Sucker Flat and Its Personal Appeal

Smartsville to Marysville. Some Reflections on Automobiles and "Hoboes"

Bayard Taylor and the California of Forty-nine. Bret Harte and His Literary Pioneer Contemporaries

The Illustrations

Ruins of Coloma, a Name "Forever Associated With the Wildest Scramble for Gold the World Has Ever Been"

Map of the "Bret Harte Country," Showing the Route Taken by the Writer, With the Towns, Important Rivers, and County Boundaries of the Country Traversed

The Tuttletown Hotel, Tuttletown; a Wooden Building Erected in the Early Fifties

Mokelumne River; "Whatever the Meaning of the Indian Name, One May Rest Assured It Stands for Some Form of Beauty"

"A Mining Convention at Placerville"

South Fork of the American River, Coloma. The Bend in the River Is the Precise Spot Where Gold Was First Discovered in California

Ben Taylor and His Home, Grass Valley, Showing the Spruce He Planted Nearly Half a Century Ago

E. W. Maslin in the Garden of His Alameda Home

Angel's Hotel, Angel's Camp, Erected in 1852, as was the Wells Fargo Building Which Faces it Across the Street

Main Hoist of the Utica Mine, Angel's Camp, Situated on the Summit of a Hill Overlooking the Town

The Stanislaus River, Near Tuttletown, "Running in a Deep and Splendid Cañon"

Jackass Hill, Tuttletown. The Road to the Left Leads to the Former Home of "Jim" Gillis

Home of Mrs. Swerer, Tuttletown. The Hotel and This Dwelling Comprise All That Is Habitable of the Tuttletown of Bret Harte

Main Street, Sonora, "So Shaded by Trees That Buildings Are Half-hidden"

Sonora, Looking Southeast. "No Matter From What Direction You Approach It, Sonora Seems to Lie Basking in the Sun"

Main Street, San Andreas, "During the Mid-day Heat, Almost Deserted"

Metropolitan Hotel, San Andreas; in the Bar-room of Which Occurred the "Jumping Frog" Incident

Mokelumne Hotel, on the Summit of Mokelumne Hill, and at the Head of the Famous Chili Gulch

Placerville, the County Seat of El Dorado County, From the Road to Diamond Springs

The Cary House, Placerville. "It Was Here That Horace Greeley Terminated His Celebrated Stage Ride With Hank Monk"

Middle Fork of the American River, Near Auburn, and Half a Mile Above Its Junction With the North Fork

An Apple Orchard, Grass Valley, "The Trees Growing in the Grass, as in England and the Atlantic States"

The Western Hotel, Grass Valley. "The Well and Pump Add a Quaint and Characteristic Touch"

A Bit of Picturesque Nevada City, Embracing the Homes of Its Leading Citizens

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