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Bancroft - "History of California," vols. I, II, Ill, IV, V, VI, VII.
Bancroft - "California Pastoral."
Bancroft - "History of North Mexican States."
Hittell -"History of California," vols. I, II, III, IV.
Royce - "History of California."
Blackmar - "Spanish Institutions of the Southwest."
Montalvo - "Sergas of Esplandian." Translator, E. E. Hale, Atlantic
Monthly, Vol. XIII, p. 265.
Vancouver - "Voyage of Discovery to the Pacific Ocean," vol. III.
Geronimo Boscano - "Chinigchinich," "History of Mission Indians." Translator,
Alfred Robinson - "Life in California."
Francisco Palou - "Life of Fray Junipero Serra."
Junipero Serra - "Diary." Translated in magazine Out West, March-July, 1902.
Hakluyt - "Drake's Voyages."
Vanegas - "History of California."
Davis - "Sixty Years in California."
Colton - "Three Years in California."
Fremont - "Memoirs."
Sherman - "Memoirs." Century Magazine, vols. 41-42.
Stoddard - "In the Footsteps of the Padres."
Lummis - "The Right Hand of the Continent." Series, Out West Magazine, 1903.
Lummis - " Spanish Pioneers."
Jackson - "A Century of Dishonor."
Jackson - "Ramona."
California Book of Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

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