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Book Cover

Paul Bunyan

Paul Bunyan Electric Locomotive

Paul Bunyan Pine Trademark

Red River Fire Train

The "Cat" and Arch that replaced Babe, the Blue Ox

Brimstone Bill and Babe

Paul Bunyan and Babe


Gluttony Killed Benny

Brimstone Bill

Big Ole's Dinner Horn

Mt. Lassen, California - The Eruption of 1914

Big Joe Making Pancakes

Cook Making Soup

Lumberjack Eating

Paul Bunyan Sharpening Axe

Paul Bunyan Marking Log

Little Chore Boy

Paul Bunyan Sawing Log

The Seven Axeman

Red River Sugar Pine

Red River Cranes and Winter Storage Log Deck

Letter to Red River Lumber

Cutting Veneer on a Lathe to Make Red River Plywood

For Red River Plywood

Red River California Pine Panels - American Legion Club - Westwood, CA

Six Foot Ant Carrying Log

The Red River Sawmill, Westwood, CA

Lucy the Cow

Lucy the Cow being Milked

Sport the Reversible Dog

Fido the Watch Dog

Sourdough Sam

Chris Crosshaul

Big Ole Punching Doughnut Holes

Paul Bunyan Picking up Oxen

Johnny Inkslinger

Sourdough Sam and the Bee's


Winter of the Deep Snow

Sending Logs Down the River

The Year of Two Winters

Babe the Blue Ox Moving a Mountain

Hauling in the Last Section 37 in California

Paul Bunyan's Grain Straightener

Paul Bunyan's Log Cabin Book

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