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"I Will Therfore Now Make Picture of Our Adorable College"

Seven Maids of Far Cathay
Being English Notes From A Chinese Class Book

Compiled By
Bing Ding
Chinese Characters

Illustrated By
Ai Lang
Chinese Characters

Paul Elder and Company
Publishers - San Francisco

Copyright, 1916
By Paul Elder & Company
San Francisco

The custom of Americanism having been related unto me - "That one book shall take unto self one dedication" - I have honor to make speeches of presentation unto N-B-E, a Grandmother Genius of Geniuses.


The English Notes which go to make up this Chinese Class book are the result of a game which the President of the Woman's Anglo-Chinese College of Neuchang, China, induced the seven Chinese girls of the graduating class to play during the last six months of their College course. The Notes were read aloud in class, taken down by a stenographer, and afterwards arranged alphabetically by the Biographer assisted by the President of the College. At the request of interested friends the President has now permitted the publication of these Notes exactly as they were originally produced, without revision, that the unique atmosphere pervading them might not be lost.




"I Will Therefore Now Make Picture or Our Adorable College" (Frontispiece)
"It Was He of the Bridge of the Ten Thousand Ages"
"All Day Long Very Good Water, Very Much Pleasure"
"I Find Many Idols of Uselessness"
"Gui (Devil) Always Travel in Straight Line, Road Wind Around so Gui No Can Catch Traveler"
Cliff Near the Monkey Mother's Home
"All is of Great Stillness and Peace"

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