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Starr King In California

By William Day Simonds

Author of

"The Christ of the Human Heart"
"Patriotic Addresses"
"Sermons From Shakespeare"

Paul Elder and Company
Publishers - San Francisco

Copyright, 1917
By Paul Elder and Company
San Francisco

Dedicated to the Memory of Honorable Horace Davis of San Francisco as the only Tribute of Respect Now Possible to one whose Friendly Interest and Assistance the Author Here Gratefully Acknowledges

Up to the time of Starr King's death it was generally believed that he, more than any other man, had prevented California and the whole Pacific Coast from falling into the gulf of disunion. It is certain that Abraham Lincoln held this opinion

Edwin Percy Whipple



Part I
In Old New England

Part II
California in 1860

Part III
California's Hour of Decision

Part IV
Philanthropist and Preacher

Part V
In Retrospect


Starr King Monument

Portrait of Starr King


This book is the result of the author's strong desire to know the truth relative to a critical period in the history of California, and a further strong desire to deal justly by the memory of a man recent historians have been pleased to pass by with slight acknowledgment.

What was the nature and measure of Starr King's influence on the Pacific Coast during the Civil War? To be able to answer that question has cost more time and study than the reader could be brought to believe. It has necessitated a thorough examination of all published histories of California, of numerous biographies, of old newspapers, memoirs, letters and musty documents. It has involved interviews with prominent persons as well as a careful study of earlier writings upon Starr King in books and magazines. Best of all it has compelled the writer to the delightful task of renewing his acquaintance with the published sermons and lectures of the patriot-preacher.

It is believed that no important data has been overlooked, and it is hoped that a genuine service has been rendered to all students of California History, and to all lovers of Starr King - he who was called by his own generation, "The Saint of the Pacific Coast."

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