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"Nations of the West" and "Nations of the East"
The Nations of the West and the Nations of the East on the two triumphal arches facing the Court of the Universe, designed by A. Stirling Calder and executed by Calder, Frederick G. R. Roth, and Leo Lentelli. In the western group, from left to right: French-Canadian trapper; the Alaskan; the Latin-American; theGerman; the American mother of to-morrow; the Italian; the Anglo-American; the Indian Squaw and the Indian Chief. Above the wagon kneels enterprise, with awhite boy on one side and a colored boy on the other, "Heroes of Tomorrow." In the eastern group, from left to right: the Arab Sheik; a negro slave, carrying fruits; the Egyptian; an Arab Falconer, bird on wrist; Indian Prince, on elephant, in front of the Howdah; Mohammedan with crescent standard; negro slave, and Chinese warrior.