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The Court of Ages

Decorative Map

Title Page
"Here in the Court of Ages let us sit,
And taste once more the wonderment of it,
Till sense is sated and the eyes grow dim
With all the beauties that around us swim."

Edward Robeson Taylor

The Court of Ages

Its Influence on the Mind and Feelings of one of the Multitude at the Exposition in San Francisco 1915

By Beatrice Wright

Printed by Ricardo J. Orozco
San Francisco, 1916

Copyright, 1916
By Beatrice Wright
San Francisco

To my Husband

In honor of his birthday, February twenty-first Nineteen hundred and sixteen




The Court of Ages:
The "Ave Maria"
The Tower at Night


Photographic Glimpses of The Court of Ages



Frontispiece. The Tower by Night Illumination.
One. The Court of Ages.
Two. The Garden of Hyacinths.
Three. Arcade.
Four. Tower and Arcade, from the Aisle of the Rising Sun.
Five. The Arcade at Night.
Six. A Glimpse from the Colonnade.
Seven. A Vista in the Colonnade.
Eight. 'Earth" Industrial Earth, Mural by Frank Brangwyn.
Nine. "Air" Primitive Air, one of the Brangwyn Murals.
Ten. The Fountain of Earth, by Robert Aitken.
Eleven. Helios, the Sun God, section of the Fountain.
Twelve. The Altar Tower.
Thirteen. A Day View of Tower and Fountain.
Fourteen. The Tower through the North Aisle.
Fifteen. The Court of Ages at Night.

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