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Frontispiece: The City of Ivory (Color)
Charles Cadwell Moore, President of the Exposition
President Wilson's Appreciation
Appropriating an Ocean
Flat Arch of Santo Domingo
The "Oregon," as she Sailed for Cuba
The Isthmian Canal Commission
Deepest Excavation: Gaillard (Culebra) Cut
Nature Rebels; A Million Yards in Motion
Loading a Landslide onto a Train
The "Forbidden Garden"; California Building (Color)
The Canal in Use
Frieze for the Fountain of El Dorado
The Crystal Dome
Lighting Standard in the Florentine Court
The Committee of Six
The Long Colonnade; Court of Ceres (Color)
The Walled City, by Night
The Magical Million
The Four-Million-Dollar Meeting
Italian Fountain
Urn, in "Travertine"
South Facade, Palace of Machinery (Color)
The Act of National Recognition
Vice-Presidents of the Exposition
Directors of the Exposition
Directors of the Exposition
Directors of the Exposition
Directors of the Exposition
Sub-Directors of the Exposition
The State Commission
Heads of the Great Sections of the Work
The Margin of the Lagoon (Color)
The Site
Portal of the Palace of Education
Pedestal of the Column of Progress
A Spanish Doorway
Fountain of the Rising Sun
Cloister Arches, Court of Abundance (Color)
Leading Executives
Map of the Grounds
Peristyle of Festival Hall
Tower and Banners (Color)
President Taft Turns the First Soil
Banquet to the President of the United States
"The Eastern Hemisphere"
"The Western Hemisphere"
Lions in the Court of Flowers
Copa De Oro (Color)
"Art's Votary"
International Supporters
"The Pacific Ocean"
"The North Sea"
"The Adventurous Bowman"
Night in the Porch of the Palace of Machinery
Fountain of "Beauty and the Beast"
Building the Giants
Making a Mongolian Warrior
Waiting for the Train
Liberty Bell Day in School
The Petition Starts for Philadelphia
A Night Glow (Color)
Murals for the Great Tower
A Flower Pot for Trees
Banquet to the Secretary of State
"The Rising Sun"
"Descending Night"