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The Story of the Pony Express - Glenn D. Bradley

This is a well written account of the "Pony Express." The author emphasises the importance of "Pony Express" to the Union during the American Civil War. Includes accounts describing the exploits of Robert "Pony Bob" Haslam, and William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody. This is my 21st Project Guttenberg title.

I - At A Nation's Crisis
II - Inception and Organization of the Pony Express
III - The First Trip and Triumph
IV - Operation, Equipment, and Business
V - California and the Secession Menace
VI - Riders and Famous Rides
VII - Anecdotes of the Trail and Honor Roll
VIII - Early Overland Mail Routes
IX - Passing of the Pony Express
Transportation and communication across the plains
"A whiz and a hail, and the swift phantom of the desert was gone."

DOC file for Palm (Project Guttenberg version)