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Translation of the Names of the Missions.

1. San Diego. - A Spanish form of Saint James, who is the Patron Saint of Spain.

2. San Carlos. - Saint Charles. Mission San Carlos and the Royal Chapel of Monterey were so named in honor of Saint Charles the Patron Saint of King Carlos III under whose reign the mission was founded.

3. San Antonio De Padua. - St. Anthony of Padua.

4. San Gabriel .- St. Gabriel (the Angel of the Annunciation.).

5. San Luis Obispo. - Saint Louis, Bishop.

6. Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores. - Our Lady of Sorrows.

7. San Juan Capistrano. - St. John Capistrano.

8. Santa Clara. - Saint Clara.

9. San Buenaventura. - Saint Bonaventure.

10. Santa Barbara. - Saint Barbara (whose feast is commemorated on December 4, the date of the foundation of the Mission.)

11. Purisima Concepcion. - Most Pure Conception (of the Blessed Virgin Mary). This feast is celebrated on December 8, the day on which this mission was founded.

12. Nuestra Señora De La Soledad. - Our Lady of Solitude. (In the Catholic Church the Blessed Virgin Mary is venerated under this title to commemorate her solitude from the time of our Saviour's death until His Resurrection).

13. Santa Cruz. - Holy Cross (so named in honor of Our Saviour's Passion).

14. San José. - Saint Joseph.

15. San Juan Bautista. - Saint John, Baptist (whose feast occurs on June 24, the day this mission was founded).

16. San Miguel. - Saint Michael.

17. San Fernando, Rey De Espana. - Saint Ferdinand, King of Spain.

18. San Luis, Rey De Francia. - Saint Louis, King of France.

19. Santa Ynez. - Saint Agnes.

20. San Rafael. - Saint Raphael.

21. San Francisco Solano. - Saint Francis Solano.

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