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Chimes of Mission Bells - Maria Antonia Field

History of the California Missions and life in the California Missions. This book is centered around the Carmel Mission, and the Monterey area. The author is an ancestor of the Spanish colonizers of California, and writes desparingly of the Mexican conquest of California. This is my 52th Project Guttenberg title.

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Contents and Preface
Translation of the Names of the Missions
Tribute to Junipero Serra and the Mission Padres
Chapter I -
Junipero Serra, Leader of the Heroic Band of Spanish Missionaries of California. His Coming to San Fernando, Mexico, Thence to California
Chapter II -
Brief Sketch of the Conquest of California and of the Founding of the Missions. Hospitality of the Missions. Care and Benevolence of the Missionaries Toward the Indians
Chapter III -
More About San Carlos Mission and Monterey
Chapter IV -
California Under Spanish Rule
Chapter V -
California Passes from Spanish to Mexican Rule. Secularization of the Missions
Chapter VI -
California Passes from Mexican to American Rule
Chapter VII -
Mission Anecdotes and Hymns
Chapter VIII -
Retrospection of the Work of the Spanish Missionaries, Explorers and Settlers and their place in California's Appreciation
Chapter IX -
Rev. Raymond M. Mestres Writes Historical Drama "Fray Junipero"
A Letter of Junipero Serra.
The Meaning of California Missions.
Dances of Early California Times.

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