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To the student and lover of art, a list of helpful reference books and periodicals might be of interest, and the following publications are recommended as sources of reference, of information and for study. They cover a wide range of subjects treated historically, technically and biographically, and they will be found very interesting as a nucleus for a home library of art.

Art For Life's Sake - Chas. H. Caffin
American Masters of Painting - Chas. H. Caffin
American Masters of Sculpture - Chas. H. Caffin
How to Study Pictures - Chas. H. Caffin
The Story of American Painting - Chas. H. Caffin
Short History of Art - Edited by Charles H. Caffin - Julia De Forest
The Classic Point of View - Kenyon Cox
What is Art? - John C. Van Dyke
The Meaning of Pictures - John C. Van Dyke
How to Judge of A Picture - John C. Van Dyke
History of Painting - John C. Van Dyke
Art For Art's Sake - John C. Van Dyke
New Guides to Old Masters - John C. Van Dyke
Studies in Pictures - John C. Van Dyke
The Appreciation of Sculpture - Russell Sturgis
The Appreciation of Pictures - Russell Sturgis
The History of Modern Art - Muther
Modern Art - Meier Graefe
Arts and Crafts in the Middle Ages - Julia de Wolf Addison
Apollo, A History of Art Throughout the Ages - S. Reinach
Six Lectures on Painting - G. Clausen
Landscape Painting - Birge Harrison
Landscape Painting - Alfred East
History of American Art - Sadakichi Hartmann
Pictorial Composition and the Critical Judgment of Pictures - Henry R. Poore
Design in Theory and Practice - Ernest A. Batchelder
Line and Form - Walter Crane
Heritage of Hiroshige - Dora Amsden
Impressions of Ukiyo-Ye - Dora Amsden
Biographical Sketches of American Artists - Michigan State Library
Is It Art? Post-Impressionism, Futurism, Cubism - J. Nilsen Laurvik


Art and Progress
The Craftsman
The International Studio

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