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The Galleries of the Exposition. A Critical Review of the Paintings, Statuary, & Graphic Arts in the Palace of Fine Arts - Eugen Neuhaus

This text describes the artwork of the Panama-Paciic International Exposition held in San Francisco 1915; specifically the galleries of the Palace of Fine Arts. This exposition has held in part to commemorate the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. The author was a professor at U. C. Berkeley at the time. The author takes the view that art is something that enhances architecture, and should not be created for its own end, but only to be used as a part of a building (in this view architecture is the highest of the art forms). The author has a low opinion of modern art (he dislikes Redon for example). This is my 22nd Project Guttenberg Title.

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Introduction - An Historical Review. The Function of Art.
Retrospective Art
The Foreign Nations
- France
- Italy
- Portugal
- Argentina
- Uruguay
- Cuba
- Philippine Islands
- The Orient
- Japan
- China
- Sweden
- Holland
- Germany
The United States
- One-Man Rooms
- Whistler
- Twachtman
- Tarbell
- Redfield
- Duveneck
- Chase
- Hassam
- Gari Melchers
- Sargent
- Keith
- Mathews and McComas
- General Collection
The Graphic Arts - Conclusion
Bibliography - A list of helpful reference books and periodicals for the student and lover of art.
Index to Galleries

DOC file for Palm (Project Guttenberg version)

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