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Phyllis - John W. Alexander

Woman and Child: Rose Scarf - Mary Cassatt

Morning in the Provence - Henri Georget

The Promenade - Gustave Pierre

The Procession - Ettore Tito

The Fortune Teller - F. Luis Mora

Water Fall - Elmer Schofield

The Peacemaker - Ernest L. Blumenschein

The White Vase - Hugh H. Breckenridge

Winter in the Forest - Anshelm Schultzberg

Winter at Amsterdam - Willem Witsen

In the Rhine Meadows - Heinrich Von Zugel

The Mirror - Dennis Miller Bunker

Coming of the Line Storm - Frederick J. Waugh

Lavender and Old Ivory - Lilian Westcott Hale

Green and Violet: Portrait of Mrs. E. Milicent Cobden - James McNeill Whistler

The Dreamer - Edmund C. Tarbell

Whistling Boy - Frank Duveneck

Self Portrait - William Merritt Chase

Spanish Courtyard - John Singer Sargent

Oaks of the Monte - Francis McComas

Blue Depths - William Ritschel

Floating Ice: Early Morning - Charles Rosen

The Land of Heart's Desire - William Wendt

The Housemaid - William McGregor Paxton

My House in Winter - Charles Morris Young

Quarry: Evening - Daniel Garber

Beyond - Chester Beach

In the Studio - Ellen Emmet Rand

Eucalypti, Berkeley Hills - Eugen Neuhaus

Floor Plan, Palace of Fine Arts

Floor Plan, Palace of Fine Arts - Detail - Left Half

Floor Plan, Palace of Fine Arts - Detail - Right Half

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