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Zuni Sand Painting of "The Song Hunter"
Zuni Sand Altar in Kiva of the North
Interior of a Pueblo Zuni House
Desert Garden, Showing Cholla, Small Cereus, and Giant Cacti
Girl Carrying Water Olla
Yuma Indians
"When the white man came ..."
"Great towns built on heights" (Castle of Montezuma)
Yucca Growing through Sand Dune in Tularosa Desert
Indian Writing
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Huts of Papago (Pima) Indians, Showing Village Bake-oven
Grand Canyon of the Colorado
The Sands of the Desert
"... so that the waters on the plains flower into Big Waters" (Golden Gate)
Fallen Leaf Lake
San Luis Rey Mission
Sia Ceremonial Vase
From the Bell-tower of San Xavier Mission, Tuscon, Arizona
Indians in the Grand Canyon
Happy Isles. Yosemite
A-wai'-a (Mirror Lake)
Po'-ho-no (Bridal Veil Falls)
Cholok, "the Fall"
"Then came the tiny Measuring Worm and began to creep up the rock" (El Capitan)
Cathedral Spires
Yosemite Valley, Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls from Glacier Point
"South Dome is the woman and North Dome is the Husband"
Woh-woh-nau, the Sacred Trees of the Monos
Apache Medicine Shirt
"The Herati are the floating white clouds ..."
"The Heash are clouds like the plains ..."
Zuni Ancestral Rock Gods
The Little Basket-maker
"They were born on the mountains where the fogs meet"
Apache Ollas
"... in the Northland of cold and white loneliness"
Navajo Blanket Weaving
Zuni Pueblo from the Southeast
Climbing up the Acoma Trail
Pinon Tree in the Grand Canyon
San Xavier Mission, Tuscon, Arizona
Mesquite and Small Cereus Cactus
Vases with Figures of Butterflies, from Sityatki
Sia Masks
Palo Verde Cacti
Pima Irrigation Dam
In the Petrified Forest of Arizona
"... threw all the Apaches over the mountains" (Apache basket-maker)
"Bad Indians go to an island in the Bitter Waters"
"The giant Sierras, fringed at the base with dark pines"