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Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest by Katharine Berry Judson

This is my third Project Gutenberg Etext. About half of the material covers the Old Southwest, and the other half California. The sections relating to California describe origin of the names of various places in California.

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The Beginning of Newness - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Men of the Early Times - Zuni (New Mexico)
Creation and Longevity - Achomawi (Pit River, California)
Old Mole's Creation - Shastika (California)
The Creation of the World - Pima (Arizona)
Spider's Creation - Sia (New Mexico)
The Gods and the Six Regions
How Old Man Above Created the World - Shastika (California)
The Search for the Middle and the Hardening of the World - Zuni (New Mexico)
Origin of Light - Gallinomero (Russian River, California)
Pokoh, the Old Man - Pai Ute (near Kern River, California)
Thunder and Lightning - Maidu (near Sacramento Valley, California)
Creation of Man - Miwok (San Joaquin Valley, California)
The First Man and Woman - Nishinam (near Bear River, California)
Old Man Above and the Grizzlies - Shastika (California)
The Creation of Man-kind and the Flood - Pima (Arizona)
The Birds and the Flood - Pima (Arizona)
Legend of the Flood - Ashochimi (Coast Indians, California)
The Great Flood - Sia (New Mexico)
The Flood and the Theft of Fire - Tolowa (Del Norte Co., California)
Legend of the Flood in Sacramento Valley - Maidu (near Sacramento Valley, California)
The Fable of the Animals - Karok (near Klamath River, California)
Coyote and Sun - Pai Ute (near Kern River, California)
The Course of the Sun - Sia (New Mexico)
The Foxes and the Sun - Yurok (near Klamath River, California)
The Theft of Fire - Karok (near Klamath River, Cal.)
The Theft of Fire - Sia (New Mexico)
The Earth-hardening after the Flood - Sia (New Mexico)
The Origins of the Totems and of Names - Zuni (New Mexico)
Traditions of Wanderings - Hopi (Arizona)
The Migration of the Water People - Walpi (Arizona)
Coyote and the Mesquite Beans - Pima (Arizona)
Origin of the Sierra Nevadas and Coast Range - Yokuts (near Fresno, California)
Yosemite Valley and its Indian Names
Legend of Tu-tok-a-nu'-la (El Capitan) - Yosemite Valley
Legend of Tis-se'-yak (South Dome and North Dome) - Yosemite Valley
Historic Tradition of the Upper Tuolumne - Yosemite Valley
California Big Trees - Pai Ute (near Kern River, California)
The Children of Cloud - Pima (Arizona)
The Cloud People - Sia (New Mexico)
Rain Song - Sia (New Mexico)
Rain Song
Rain Song - Sia (New Mexico)
The Corn Maidens - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Search for the Corn Maidens - Zuni (New Mexico)
Hasjelti and Hostjoghon - Navajo (New Mexico)
The Song Hunter - Navajo (New Mexico)
Sand Painting of the Song-hunter - Navajo
The Guiding Duck and the Lake of Death - Zuni (New Mexico)
The Boy who Became a God - Navajo (New Mexico)
Origin of Clear Lake - Patwin (Sacramento Valley, California)
The Great Fire - Patwin (Sacramento Valley, California)
Origin of the Raven and the Macaw - Zuni (New Mexico)
Coyote and the Hare - Sia (New Mexico)
Coyote and the Quails - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Fawns - Sia (New Mexico)
How the Bluebird Got its Color - Pima (New Mexico)
Coyote's Eyes - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Tortillas - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote as a Hunter - Sia (New Mexico)
How Rattlesnake Learned to Bite - Pima (Arizona)
Coyote and the Rattlesnake - Sia (New Mexico)
Origin of the Saguaro and Palo Verde Cacti - Pima (Arizona)
The Thirsty Quails - Pima (Arizona)
The Boy and the Beast - Pima (Arizona)
Why the Apaches are Fierce - Pima (Arizona)
Speech on the Warpath - Pima (Arizona)
The Spirit Land - Gallinomero (Russian River, California)
Song of the Ghost Dance - Pai Ute (Kern River, California)

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