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"Now the well of thruth 'Tis an ink well." Sayings of Towanda.

The root of all Evil ($)

Book One

God gives us our relatives - thank God we can choose our friends. (M)

When Papa comes in at the door the Lover flies out at the window. (T)

Look before you sleep. (M)

It's a strong stomach that has no turning. (T)

Those that came to cough remain to spray. (H)

Naught is lost save honor. (H)

God sends the tempest to the shorn lambs. (T)

Silence gives contempt. (M)

People who love in glass houses should pull down the blinds. (T & M)

God help those who do not help themselves. (T & M)

A church fair exchange is robbery. (T)

Fools rush in and win, where angels fear to tread. (T)

A rich man can get the eye of the beadle. (M)

The boulevards are the roads to destruction. (M)

Economy is the thief of time. (T)

A bird on a bonnet is worth ten on a plate. (T)

As you sew so must you rip. (T)

The quill is as mighty off the wing. (M)

Let him now speak or hereafter hold his piece of information for a good price. (M)

A lie in time saves nine. (T)

A thing of duty is an-noy forever. (H)

Better all a loafer than a half bred. (T & M)

Matri-mony is the root of all evil. (T)

Necessity is the mother of contention. (T)

A word to the wise is resented. (M)

Where there is a will there's a law suit. (T)

Hell is paved with big pretensions. (T)

"Mercy and truth are met together, righteousness and peace have kissed each other." Look out!!!! (M)

Pride will have a Fall bonnet (M)

He laughs best, who's laugh lasts. (T)

He that is surety for a stranger shall be wiser the next time. (M)

Pride goeth before and the bill cometh after. (M)

Single blessedness and married cussedness. (T)

Young widows in ash cloth and sashes. (M)

Blood is bluer than water. (T)

None but the brave desert the fair. (T)

A little widow is a dangerous thing. (M)

Money shall cover a multitude of sins. (T)

"Who so findeth a (rich) wife findeth a good thing." (M) Prov. xviii, 22.

Whose service is perfect freedom? ? ? (M)

As thou hast made thy bed, why lie about it? (M)

Some are born widows, some achieve widowhood, whilst others have widows thrust upon them.

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. (T)

Misery loves company, but company does not reciprocate. (T)

If the wolf be at the door, open it and eat him. (M)

Many are called but few get up. (H)

Saint heart ne'er won fair lady. (M)

Honor is without profit - in most countries. (T & M)

Consistency, thou art a mule! (M)

The poor ye have with ye always but they are not invited. (T)

Eat your steak or you'll have stew. (M)

Stays make waist (M)

One touch of nature makes the whole world blush. (T & M)

Think of your ancestors and your posterity and you will never marry. (M)

Sweet are the uses of diversity. (M)

Tamper not with fledged fools. (T)

Tomorrow would be sweet if we could kill yesterday. (M)

A lie for a lie and a truth for a truth. (M)

Fain would I write yet fear to pall. (T)

In one's old coterie may one sport the old pantry and vestry? (H)

It is better to make friends fast than to make fast friends. (M)

There's many a sip 'twixt the cup and the lip. (M)

A friend in deeds is a friend indeed. (M)

All that a man knoweth will he tell to his wife. (M & T)

One husband does not make a home. (T)

What is home without another? (H)

When folly is bliss 'tis ignorance to be otherwise. (M)

A fool and his honey are soon mated. (T & M)

There is no soak without some fire water. (M)

Tell the truth and shame the - family. (T)

There's none so blind as those who won't fee. (H)

Knowledge is power - if you know it about the right person. (M)


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