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Book Two

A little spark may smirk unseen. (T)

The wages of Gin is Debt. (T)

"The grinders may cease" - but the grind goes on forever. (M)

Actresses will happen in the best regulated families. (H)

Too many hooks spoil the cloth. (T)

Dead men tell no tales - ? - ? - !

One good turn deserves applause. (T)

Opposition is the surest persuasion. (M)

He who owes nothing fears nothing. (T)

You will never miss water while the champagne runs dry. (T)

Money makes the Mayor go. (H)

There's a Pen for the wise, but alas! no Pound for the foolish. (M)

Imagination makes cowards of us all. (T)

Wild oats make a bad autumn crop. (T)

The number of a man's widows will be in proportion to the size of his estate. (M)

He that is down need not fear plucking. (M)

Nothing succeeds like - failure. (H)

Let him that standeth pat take heed lest they call. (T)

Don't take the Will for the Deed - get the Deed. (M)

The doors of Opportunity are marked Push and Pull. (T)

Charity is the sterilized milk of human kindness. (H)

The greatest possession is Self-possession. (T)

Pleasant company always accepted. (T)

The gossip is not always of the swift, nor the tattle of the wrong. (T)

Advice to Parents - "Cast not your girls before swains." (T)

Only the young die good. (T)

The wisest reflections are but Vanity. (T)

The Doctor's Motto - A fee in the hand is worth two on the book. (T)

Give an inch and take an ell. (T)

What can't be cured must be insured. (H)

The more taste the less creed. (T)

There is no time like the pleasant. (H)

The danger lies not in the big ears of little pitchers, but in the large mouths. (T)

He jests at scores who never played at Bridge. (T)

Women change their minds a dozen times a day - that's why they are so clean-minded. (H)

A gentle lie turneth away inquiry. (H)

Never too old to yearn. (T)

Kind hearts are more than coronets - few girls can afford to have either. (T)

He who fights and runs away
Will live to write about the fray. (H)

The pension is mightier than the sword. (T)

A fool's paradise is nevertheless a paradise. (T)

Let well enough alone - there's brandy and soda. (M)

A fellow failing makes us wondrous unkind. (H)

Society covers a multitude of sins. (T)

All is not bold that titters. (T)

The ways of the transgressor are smooth. (H)

The Steamer's Motto - You can't eat your cake and have it, too. (H)

You may lead an Ass to Knowledge - but you cannot make him Think. (T)

The more waist the less speed. (M)

The self-made man is often proud of a poor job. (T)

Shut your mouth and open your eyes - And you'll need nothing to make you wise. (T)

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