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Man and Woman in Costume.

The First Jealousy.

Book Three

Many a man's house is his Bastille. (T)

Costly thy garments as thy tailor will stand for. (M)

To have and to scold. (M)

Busy people are never busybodies. (T)

To make the winter pass quickly - sign a note in the fall. (H)

The Grafter's Motto - Work ill done must be twice paid for. (T)

Too many looks spoil the cloth. (T)

Never give up from the ship. (M)

Look out for your friends- the neighbors will look in for themselves. (T)

Come in (and see if you can stay in) without knocking. (M)

Better a live doggerel than a dead sonnet. (T)

A cat may look at a king - but it takes four aces to see four of 'em. (T & M)

Chicago Motto - I smell a vat. (M)

Diplomacy: Lying in State. (H)

Millionaire: A large body entirely surrounded by water-ed stock. (T & M)

Contentment is the smother of invention. (T)

"The law is open" - to question. (T)

Life Insurance Motto - Robbing the widows early and orphan. (T)

An ounce of convention is worth a pound of explanation. (T)

Opportunity knows no law. (T)

Avoid the plate in sincere prayer. (M)

A kiss in time saves brine. (H)

The Doctor's Motto - Better a dead patient than a live appendix. (T)

Whom the Gallery Gods love dye young. (H)

The locksmith is the only tradesman Love can afford to laugh at. (T)

Where the fire burns hottest there is no smoke. (M)

Nobody's business is everybody's curiosity. (T)

Rice makes might. (H) General Oyama.

Sow your wild oats in a peach orchard. (M)

First waters run steep. (H)

A hair in the head is worth two in the brush. (H)

A lion among ladies is a terrible thing. Shakespeare (T)

O woman, in thine hours of ease,
Uncertain, coy, and hard to please,
When pains of anguish wring the brow,
You send us to the hospital now! (T)

Take what comes your way - but select the way. (T)

He that seweth the wind will bust his singer. (T)

Jealousy is confession of weakness. (T)

Chauffeur - and much further. (H) Motophor.

Put not your Trust in investigation. (T)

All's well that ends swell. (T)

Meet out justice as she should be met. (M)

The woman who forgives and doesn't forget is trying to preempt heaven and raise hell. (T)

Fed men tell no tales. (M)

A "wise" son maketh a mad father. (M)

"Time" was made for knaves. (T)

One man's canned meat is another man's poison. (H) The Packer's Proverb.

Once a good fellow always a good thing. (M)

Pluck not the date of the itching palm. (T)

There's always room at the top - after the investigation. (H)

On with the dance, let joy be unrefined. (M)

Not lost, but gone to law. (M)

Let your X-rays so shine that they may see your bad works. (T)

The mug that goes often with the swells will some day be broke. (H)

A woman on time is one in nine. (T)

There are enough serious things in life without considering yourself one of them. (M)

The First Cynic. (H)

The First Quarrel. (H)
First catch your reputation and then see if you can keep up with it. (T)

There are more fish taken out of a stream than ever were in it. (H) The Angler's Motto.

Many a smile maketh a flirt. (M)

I was glad when they said unto me,
Let us go into the house of a lord. (H) Snob's Text.

Architecture! Oh, the crimes that have been committed in thy name! (M)

Obesity is the mother of Abstinence. (H)

Blessed is the peacemaker; for he shall need the kingdom of heaven as a refuge. (M)

He jests at scares who never dodged a car. (T)

A switch in time saves a fine. (H) Motophor.

Of the six senses: the mightiest of these is humor. (M)

It's the man behind the chauffeur who gets the jerk. (T & M)

Necessity knows any mother-in-law. (H)

The world is divided into two groups: those trying to get thin and those trying to get fat. (M)

What's in a name - without seventy-five per cent advertising. (H)

The worst thing about cynicism is its truth. (T)

Tell your secrets and become a slave. (M)

Hunger is the best sauce - and the worst boss. (M)

To go wool gathering. (T) Wall Street's Motto.

You may drink hearty but not healthy. (T)

He who will have a finger in every pie will some day find it mince. (T)

Don't kill sheep too near home. (M)

Nothing is stronger than custom-s. (T)

He's a friend to none who's a friend to oil. (T) The Standard Motto.

I would fain not die a dry death. (M) With apologies to "The Tempest."

A penny yearned is a penny shaved. (T) The Sage's Motto.

O wad some power the giftie gie us
To see some people before they see us! (M)

Discretion is the better part of indiscretion. (T)

Love is blind - that explains many things. (M)

A cad - the other man.
A cat - the other woman. (H)

In the midst of life we are in debt. (M)

A man of courage never needs weapons - but he may need bail. (M)

A flea in the ear is worse than two on the dog. (T)

He that liveth well hath (l)earned enough. (M)

Born with a silver spoon in the mouth - and somebody hopes you choke. (T)

People who have never been tempted are just as good as cold-storage eggs. (H)

United we stand it, divided we remarry. (T)

The original Scotch high bawl - bagpipes. (H)

Old wine and women should not be stirred. (M)

A Piller for Society - a fashionable doctor. (H)

When thieves fall out - then honest men may steal. (T)

Every Jock has his pull. (T)

In Unions is discord. (T)

"Laissez faire." (H) Corset-Maker's Motto.

Indiscretion is the better part of pallor. (H)

To this complexion do we come at last. Hamet (T)

"Troubles never come singly." Why marry? (T)

Some people's genius lies in giving infinite pains. (T)

A soft drink turneth away company. (H)

They also swear who only stand and wait. (T)

He who runs may face a recount. (M)

Better fifty minutes motoring than a cycle to Cathay. (H)


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