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The Eternal Deception - Find the Devil?

Book Four

Announce of Prevention - "No Admittance." (H)

All the world shoves a shover. (T)

Give a jury enough dope and it will hang itself. (H)

If the shoe fits - put it on to somebody else. (T)

It's the darkest before pawn. (M)

A policy shop - the Embassy. (T)

He payeth best who loveth best. (T)

If at first you don't succeed, buy, buy again. (H) From "Maxims of a Johnny."

You may have many strings to your Beau, but "It doesn't always follow." (H)

Two is Company, three is Investigation. (T)

"Peace that passeth all understanding" - the Hague Conference. (H)

Those who "cursed the day they were born" must have been infant prodigies. (T)

They say the artist never repeats himself - many artists are too busy repeating other people. (H)

Beware games of chance - the game doesn't take chances. (T)

The original bone of contention - Adam's rib. (H)

The golden mean - nouveau riche. (H)

Why do those today whom you can work tomorrow? (M)

Blow it - while you're young! (H)

Wade - and found wanting. (H)

How far that little scandal throws its beams! So shines a bad deed in the daily press. (T)

Receipts of the Mighty - Dividends. (H)

Ohm! Sweet Ohm! (H) Electrician's Motto.

Wife is uncertain. (T)

Perhaps it was because Nero played the fiddle, they burned Rome. (H)

A counter irritant - the saleslady. (T)

A cat has nine lives, but the scandal she starts has ninety. (T)

A Saturday night egg is an egg that has "tried all week to be good." (H)

Don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg - pluck it. (T)

First be sure it's light, then go to bed. (M)

I only regret that I have but one wife to leave in my country. (T) Last words of the Absconder

Consistency is the only jewel that tempts no woman. (H)

It's a wise saw that cuts two ways. (T)

Best fed, soonest landed. (T)

Truth is stronger than diction. (H)

Everybody hates an early riser. (H)

Cut your friends according to your checkbook. (T) The Parvenue's Motto.

One may do favors for many but accept them from few. (M)

When the author's away - we write the play. (H) Actor's Motto.

Buy, Baby, Buy! (H) Chorus Girls' College Yell

Work, for the light is coming! (T) The Burglar's Motto.

Leave no "Turn" unstoned. (H) Dramatic Critic's Motto.

The burning question - Will we get the insurance? (T)

Publicity is the bent pin in the seats of the Mighty. (H)

If thou hast a white elephant, be comforted - somewhere there is a zoo. (T)

A straw shows which way the gin flows. (H)

To be a Cynic, get a pair
Of cross-eyed goggles blue,
And you will see folks everywhere
As other folks see you. (H)

No one knows the worth of woman's love till he sues for alienation. (H)

Who whirls an auto reaps an autopsy. (H)

To the food inspector all things are pure. (M)

A Pool - and your money is soon parted. (H)

Ignorance of the Law excuses no man - from practicing it. (T)

Stock exchange is all robbery. (H)

If some people got their Rights they would complain of being deprived of their wrongs. (H)

Too many "Cooks" spoil the tour. (M)

An ounce of detention is worth a pound of too sure. (T)

A Medium: One who puts a spook in your wheels. (H)

Pay the Piper - but jew down his bill. (T)

Exclusiveness is Nature's quarantine for snobs. The polecat is the most exclusive of animals - the garlic of vegetables. (H)

When Art is long the artist is short. (H)

Men may come and men may go, but women prink forever. (H)

A man is known by the silence he keeps. (H)


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