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The Fat is on the Friar
Book Five

Be hailed truthful that your lies may count. (M)

Never drink from your finger-bowl - it contains only water. (T)

Have patients. (T) The Doctor's Motto.

Don't talk about yourself - it will be done when you leave. (T)

"Honest as the day is long" - don't strike for shorter hours. (M)

Don't leave your spoon in your cup - work it up your sleeve. (M)

Don't borrow trouble - it is cheerfully given. (T)

Never strike a woman - tell her she can't reason. (T)

Poets are born, not paid. (T)

Nothing too small for personal attention - remember the flea. (T)

Even the tallest family tree has its roots in the soil. (H)

Pro-moter - one who wants to sell you his. (T)

It's a long love that has no turning. (M)

Out of sight - in for absent treatment. (M)

Never call a man a fool - borrow from him. (T)

The pen is fightier than the sword. (H)

Beauty and the Brut. (T)

Let your light so shine before men that they may dodge your motor car. (T)

Weighed and found banting. (H)

Where is the dough of yesteryear? (M) General Cry.

Close to nature - the bathing-suit. (T)

Don't make sweeping assertions - do the housework. (T)

Lots of people have matrimonial troubles and don't know it. (H)

A penitentiary for your faults. (M)

I hold it truth with them that sing
With one long carp in cynic tones,
That men will rise on stepping-stones
Of their best selves for anything. (T)

Cultivate a pleasing address. Some people judge by location. (T)

Does a virtue cease to be a virtue when embraced by a woman? (H)

Welcome the coming; bleed the parting guest. (M) The Landlord's Motto.

"Ladies First" - or you may get backbitten. (T)

Some people will only thaw out at the Social Register. (T)

Never speak sharply - give your poison-candied opinion. (T)

Never put your feet on the table - some people eat pigs' feet. (T)

Not one-half knows how his better half lives. (T)

Too good to be new. (H)

Much silver goeth by the till the cash-register knoweth not of. (M)

Too many crooks spoil the legislature. (T)

The rift in the loot - the reform committee. (T)

What are the Wild Waves saying, Sister?

"Salt Horse" is soon curried. (H)

"Give no quarter" and the dollars will take care of themselves. (T)

If a penny is wise, who says a pound is foolish? (M)

The field of literature is sown with laurel and wild oats. (H)

The family "Grace" - thank God they couldn't come! (H)

The End

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